Hemostatic Agents

Gel-CordŽ Tissue Management Gel

Aluminum Sulfate has proven to be a successful hemostatic agent with reduced tissue trauma and no adverse reactions to impression materials. Because of its pleasant raspberry flavor, it has high patient acceptance. The viscous gel, unlike runny liquids or syrups, remains in place for the duration of the procedure.
• 25% Aluminum Sulfate Gel.

• Stays where you place it - will not run or dilute like liquid astringents for maximum hemostasis.

• Reduces tissue trauma. No tissue necrosis or blackening of tissue.

• Great for Class V Restorations

• No adverse reaction to impression materials.

• Pleasant raspberry flavor for greater patient acceptance.

• Blue in color for easy visibility and placement.

• Makes initial cord packing easier by providing lubrication when packing cord, allowing the cord to glide into the sulcus.

• May be used with any type of plain or medicated cord and is compatible with all impression materials.

• Available in pre-filled syringe applicators, cartridge tips, bulk kit for syringes or a 30 gram jar.