Retraction Cords

Knitted Retraction Cord 100% cotton cord is knitted into interlocking chains to facilitate easy packing of cord into sulcus. This minimizes unraveling and fraying during packing. During crown preparation knitted cord will not entangle diamond burs. Cord can be soaked in hemostatic of choice. No contraindications for use with impression materials or epinephrine. Knitted loops absorb and transport significantly greater quantities of hemostatic solution or gel providing more effective hemostasis. Knitted chains provide an excellent medium for gel absorption and placement.

Used in conjunction with Gel-Cord or StatGel greater hemostatic effect can be achieved. For quick and easy identification the 5 sizes are color coded.
Unique packaging prevents cord tangles and cord will not fall back into the bottle after cutting.
Knitted Cord mg Racemic
Epinephrine / inch
Stock No.
KnitTrax - Size 000 100 in. 07-569
KnitTrax - Size 00 100 in. 07-570
KnitTrax - Size 0 100 in. 07-575
KnitTrax - Size 1 100 in. 07-580
KnitTrax - Size 2 100 in. 07-585